The Only Construction Estimating Firm You Will Ever Need

For the past 25 years we've been a leader in the industry working on projects across the US including; cost estimating, budget preparation and claims analysis of any size and scope.

We also publish the most accurate and updated construction cost manuals available.

Organizations We've Worked With

John Hicks

"Sierra West Publishing gives you the most accurate resource to be able to understand the scope and price of a project. The details of a job can be the downfall of your company if estimators are off the mark. No other provider comes closer in price to the actual cost than Sierra West Publishing with its comprehensive 14,000-item listing that truly is exhaustive."

Sierra West Group

The Only Construction Estimation Firm You Will Ever Need

If you want the most accurate work in construction estimation, Sierra West Group provides precision cost estimates you can rely on.

Here at Sierra West Consulting Group, we serve a wide variety of clients and work on a range of projects, but we do it all with the same reliability and expertise the construction world has come to expect. We have almost 25 years of experience offering our clients superior construction cost estimating, budget preparation and claims analysis for projects of any size and scope.

Construction Estimates from Concept to Closeout

Throughout our years in business, we have remained one of the leading cost estimating firms in the western United States. We owe our position directly to the attitude we take toward each and every project we complete, always placing commitment to quality, excellent client relationships and our strong core values above all else.

Our expertise is reflected in the people who choose to work with us. Among our esteemed clients, we count the Office of Public School Construction, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Administration Office of the Courts, and departments of Parks and Recreation in several cities. We also have contracts with cities and counties in other capacities.
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We publish the most accurate construction estimation books available.

We update our books more often and on a more granular level than our competitors. If you are familiar with your alternatives for construction estimation, you'll be happy to know we have you covered from large scale commercial construction to home remodeling.
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