A Construction Cost Estimation Team with the Highest Experience Levels

When you need help with construction cost estimation for a project, expert witnessing or other cost estimation-related services, you want to know you’ve got the best help.

Our company has been growing steadily for almost 25 years. In that time we’ve built not only a diverse clientele, but a professional reputation. We are known for always providing the best and most exacting cost estimation services.

From Cost Estimation to Completion

We’ve been in business in Sacramento since 1992, and are proud to still be serving the same community in which we started working all those years ago. While originally we were exclusively a cost estimating firm, we now do much more than that. Our cost consulting outfit also provides expert witness services, assists with cost insurance claim replacement costs and replacement costs for other outfits, and provides support with tax appeal cases for counties.

Rather than a simple cost estimation firm, we like to consider ourselves a true cost consulting company, providing the diverse range of services needed to help people complete their projects in a timely, accurate and exacting fashion, all on-budget wherever possible.

Cost Estimation for a Range of Clients

The clients who come to us originate from a wide range of business, local and state sectors. We are happy to help them all, providing cost management for medical, educational and correctional facilities at all stages of the project, from preliminary through construction. The majority of our services are offered through the pre-construction side, but we do offer supplemental litigation support and change order support during construction and post-construction.

Our position as one of the leading cost estimation firms in the western U.S. for more than two decades is a direct result of our insistence on serving all our clients with the same top-quality approach to their projects. Whether estimating construction costs, preparing budgets or assisting with claims analysis, we always bring the best people to the table and give each project the individual attention that will bring the best chances of success.

 A Superior Cost Estimation Team

Our team is made up of a range of experts, many of whom have been a part of the company for decades. Our close-knit coterie of elite cost estimation specialists includes:

  • Experienced cost estimators who specialize in new and renovation construction
  • Experts with long range facilities master planning experience and expertise
  • Certified Value Specialists who bring the best possible quality of cost estimation to the table

The accuracy and professionalism of every team member is what makes Sierra West Group so special. We invite you to get in touch with us if you would like to talk further about any cost estimation needs you might have for your projects. Our team would be delighted to bring our huge range of services to you. Just say the word.